FEL 2028

Application to host the Free Electron Laser Conference 2028

The Free Electron Laser Conference (FEL) is a successful conference series organised for more than 40 years. FEL 2024 will focus on recent advances in free electron laser theory and experiments, electron beam, photon beam and undulator technologies, and applications of free electron lasers.

FEL2024 will be hosted by National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ), the largest research Institute in Poland with the fundamental/applied profile that combines nuclear power-related studies with various fields of sub-atomic physics. National Centre for Nuclear Research is in the process of constructing PolFEL – Polish Free Electron Laser facility.

The next conference is planned for 2026 at ………. . Organization interested in hosting the FEL 2028 conference should send a Letter of Intent to the Local Organizing Committee (LOC…. -link???) Chairs of the FEL 2024 (via mail: ……………..) until ………., stating their interests to develop a proposal to organise the FEL conference in 2028.

This more detailed proposal should be submitted to the LOC Chairs before ……………… (via mail). The facility representative (typically the facility director or his/her designee) of each proposal is requested to give a 10-15 minute presentation of their proposal at the upcoming FEL International Advisory Committee (IAC) meeting, held during the FEL 2024 conference. The IAC will select the host(s) of the next FEL conference.
The winning proposal will be announced at the closing session of the FEL 2024. The future host(s) can then give a 10-minute presentation about the next FEL conference to which they would like to welcome the community.