On behalf of the International Executive Committee of the FEL Conference series, we are pleased to announce the 41st International Free Electron Laser Conference (FEL2024). The conference will be held in Warsaw, Poland, from August 19th to August 23rd, 2024.

FEL 2024 will focus on recent advances in free electron laser theory and experiments, electron beam, photon beam and undulator technologies, and applications of free electron lasers.

FEL2024 will be hosted by National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ), the largest research Institute in Poland with the fundamental/applied profile that combines nuclear power-related studies with various fields of sub-atomic physics. National Centre for Nuclear Research is in the process of constructing PolFEL – Polish Free Electron Laser facility.

The conference will include an optional tour of NCBJ research facilities and PolFEL construction site.


Early registration: March 7, 2024 – June 3, 2024,  

Extended Abstract Submission Deadline: May 20, 2024

Call for abstracts: March 7, 2024 – May 20, 2024

Paper Submission Deadline: August 14, 2024 at 13:59 UTC

The Organisers will be happy to welcome all the participants with a light reception in the evening of August 18, 2024.


  • FEL theory
  • Seeded FEL
  • FEL oscillators & IR-THz-FELs
  • Novel acceleration and FEL concepts
  • Advanced FEL modes and science applications
  • Attosecond science at FELs 
  • Industrial applications of FELs 
  • Photon beamline instrumentation & undulators 
  • Electron sources 
  • Electron beam dynamics 
  • Electron diagnostics, timing, synchronization & controls